“Should I get a new camera?”


 ”Should I get a new camera?”


I agree with what this blogger has to say . . . and have come to the same conclusions in all my reading about the CF cards VS SD cards. I only wish the D800 had a second SD slot instead of the CF slot.


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  • Mondrak September 8, 2012 Reply

    I have the D3000 and I’m sticking with that for a while – at least until I can afford to upgrade – lol

    • I hear ya! I’ve been saving for awhile hence my big upgrade. And . . . and besides . . . it’s not the camera that MAKES the photographer . . . but quality glass and gear can sure make a difference in the quality of what you put out. I want to get in to Stock and Fine Art . . . so that’s why I upgraded. I would have just bought a good lens otherwise.

      • Mondrak September 8, 2012 Reply

        No it isn’t, although I do believe that a good camera can help as you can get some shots with larger lenses – or smaller ones :-)

  • rfljenksy September 8, 2012 Reply

    I was told by a professional magazine photographer that had an amazing camera .. I still want it.. that I wanted her camera and she said, “yeah but when I travel I use yours.. ” so well.. I’m sticking with my little point n shoot.. though I still want hers.. ha.

    • I can understand why she said that . . . all this equipment is heavy! We’re going to Hawaii in Nov and trying to figure out how to pack it all along with us!

      • rfljenksy September 8, 2012 Reply

        Well what she said was… unless you are doing a magazine or ad shoot or if you are going to blow up a picture to a large size, you really only needed a small point and shoot with a good zoom.. optical being better than digital.. especially now adays with such good photo editing.. it’s good to have a nice camera for family functions or very intense photo taking but for traveling just a nice small camera.. I’ve had great luck with my sony cybershot and photo editing.. I just bought an upgraded model because I got sand in my lens and went from a 10 zoom to an 18 zoom and will be going to Lima next weekend.. so I’ll see if it was worth the upgrade.. though I still want a big fancy major clicking camera. haa

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