Michael Andrew’s 52 Week Photography Challenge 2013

Michael Andrew's 52 Week Photography Challenge 2013

Michael Andrew’s 52 Week Photography Challenge 2013

Pop on over to Michael Andrew’s website and check out the new 52 Week Photography Challenge for 2013.  Join me in this exploratory journey to learn even more about Photography, pushing the boundaries and seeing where it takes us!  The first month has started and Week 1 is underway!  

Compositional Rules is the theme for January.  


Welcome to Michael Andrew’s 52 Week (Monthly Technique) Photography Challenge.

This 52 Week Challenge grew out of a desire from many of the 365 Self Portrait participants to continue doing something together beyond the 365 Challenge . . . but not necessarily repeating the 365.
IMPORTANT NOTE: – this Challenge is open to anyone who wishes to participate here on MTM. It is NOT a requirement to have participated in the 365 to take part in this challenge.

Photo’s should be posted by midnight each Sunday of the challenge, beginning with Jan 6th for those starting in January, or Feb 3rd for those starting in February. [i](For those who are finishing up the 365 Self Portrait Challenge – you may choose to start in February once you are done with the 365.)[/i]

You may post your photo at any time during the challenge week, in the appropriate thread for that week. If, however, you cannot post by the weeks end . . . no worries! Post when you are able. No hard fast rules here – we just want to grow together in our passion that is Photography so shoot, shoot, shoot!


Each week of the Challenge, a new Thread will be created for that week’s photos.
Ex: Week 1/52 WPC Jan 6, 2013 (Compositional Rules)
Post all photos for that week (ie: Week 1) in it’s relevant Thread.

Your Photo should be posted by midnight each Sunday. However, there are no hard and fast rules about posting by the deadline. This is a relaxed Challenge – so post when you are able. Please, just post in the appropriate week.

If you are doing any editing to your photo, you may also post the before and after and describe what your process was for achieving your final result.

Please label your photo as: Your Name_Wk1_52_Title_Before/After/SOOC

Please post EXIF info so we can all learn from what you are doing, or help you to learn as well.

EXIF should follow this format: Canon 5D mkII | Canon 17-40mm f4 | @35mm | 1/200 sec | f8 | ISO 100

Monthly Techniques are for those who desire structure and/or inspiration. Please feel free to use this challenge to further your own journey, and inspire/ support each other along the way.

Following are the Monthly Technique based themes . . . It is not a requirement to follow these monthly techniques, but we would like you to share what your focus is so that we can all share, learn and inspire each other along the way.

2013/Jan: Compositional rules
2013/Feb: Low light
2013/March: Off camera flash (5 weeks)
2013/April: Prime lens
2013/May: Fast shutter speed
2013/June: Natural light (5 weeks)
2013/July: Abstract
2013/Aug: Macro
2013/Sept: Long Exposure Creativity (5 Weeks)
2013/Oct: SOOC
2013/Nov: B&W
2013/Dec: Creative Lighting (5 Weeks)
2014/Jan: Open

**Contest is open to ALL photographers of all ages. If you are under 18, you must have your parents permission. All they need to do is post with you the first time saying that you have their permission and they are aware of the forum, what/where it is, etc.

**This is a family friendly effort. If you are mean, or post anything inappropriate, we will ban you from the forum.



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